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Complete NBA Betting Schedule for 1/26/24 (8 games)

Updated: Jan 27

Day 1 Starting Balance -- $1000

Day 2 Starting Balance -- $1146


We Shelter no Lies

We Act without Fear

We Seek only TRUTH

We Bet to WIN.

--The Bettor's Code--






Nightly Recap

Starting Balance -- $1146

Ending Balance -- $1093


Luca. Didn't see 73 coming. The Hawks are totally flaccid. Trae Young is not a winning basketball player. He is by far the league's most fraudulent All-NBA level superstar. The Hawks will miss the playoffs this season, with Dejounte Murray being as good as gone by the deadline. Pour one out for the 23-24 Hawks. If they ever were alive this season, they aren't now. Pathetic.


The Rockets were due for a road win, and who better than the recently Rozier-less Hornets. It's official, the Hornets are the leagues worst team. They fucking SUCK. What's worse, they don't care that they suck. LaMelo ball is a loser as a basketball player. Obviously. Look at his team. If you are a difference maker in this league, your team doesn't look like the Hornets do. He's fun and puts up numbers and we all remember his dumbass Dad when we he was on TV for 5 minutes, but when the quarterly reports come out and the naked numbers are in front of us LaMelo, one thing is very clear to Hornets stockholders. You mean Jack Shit Nothing to our profits. (winning). Don't worry though Lamelo, we will still pay you the Super Max because we're the Hornets and Oh My Stars what would our franchise be without LaMelo?


Unless Wilt Chamberlain somehow did it in the 50s when he was playing against guys who ran delicatessens in the off-season, I'm pretty sure Devon Booker is now the only player in NBA history to lose games in which he scored both 62 and 70 points. How is that possible? Phoenix scored 17 in the 4th quarter tonight against an atrocious defensive team in the Pacers. Phoenix has been nothing short of awesome this month, but 4th quarters like that give me incredible pause in evaluating their eventual playoff ceilings. I know they just won 8 in a row and it's a meaningless regular season road game, but that's a BAD loss. Look for Indiana to now start trending up with Siakim fully in the mix and Haliburton returning as soon as they put more Band-Aids on whatever is ailing his wittle baby boo boos this week.


I will admit, the Raptors fooled me. Post Siakim trade, it looked as if we had the rare instance where both teams actually magnified their championship odds with an in-season transaction. I now believe that statement to be false. I am officially starting the FREE SCOTTIE BARNES movement. The Raptors are Fucking Garbage. Rajakovic is a not an NBA head coach. I know this because of how the Raptors play in close games. He has no clue how to properly utilize Scottie Barnes. None. Barnes could be putting up 27+ right now, and furthermore should be with the level of scoring and complete lack of defensive effort by a good portion of the league on most nights. Barnes will take his Max/SuperMax when it comes time because they all take the 2nd contract. But he shouldn't. Bet on yourself Scottie. Leave this disgusting arranged marriage you were forced in to and join a real franchise in a real country. Yes Toronto, you won a title 5 years ago. We all remember. I also remember LeBron pulling your pants down underwear and all in the playoffs for like a thousand straight years. Then you kidnapped Kawhi and the entire Warriors team died in a bus crash and you won the title. You don't really think you still win if Durant has 2 Achilles do you? Kawhi left your ugly ass THE SECOND he could. Did he even look at the contact you offered him Masai or did you not even offer him one because you knew the moment you opened the cage door he was going to sprint straight into the woods and never look back? Jackass. Lolziez. Oh, and you've been white crusted dog shit since Kawhi's plane screeched off your maple syrup laden runway too. How long are we going to continue to trot out this narrative that Masai Ujiri is some generational talent evaluation savant? He couldn't figure out how to keep Nick Nurse. Ooops. Toronto signs no one of import, ever. They are, outside of Charlotte, the leagues most irrelevant team. They just don't matter at all in the grand scheme of what makes the NBA go. Look at Ujiri's actual resume, not the outlier result the media will never let you forget. It's decent, but we all need much, much higher standards if that is what we are now defining as generational.


Memphis seemingly does this every year. Ja gets hurt, and we all go through these mental gymnastics over why it seems like the Grizzlies play just as well or better without him. I think if we are really being honest about Ja, he's not quite the level of superstar he was anointed to be when the Grizzlies were rolling last season. And I love Ja. I really do. I love guys who give a shit, and he absolutely gives a shit. Memphis is beyond lucky in that Ja seems to genuinely want to be there. I just can't shake the feeling however that when Ja is out, the Grizzlies are secretly more comfortable with the style of basketball that shows up on the court. Their 6-4 record over the last 10 without him suggests this too. Look for continued value on the Grizzlies as Vegas and the public continue to think this team is garbage. They are not. Use that to line your pockets where it makes sense.


It's important that we practice saying simple things that are true, even when we experience dissonance from those around around us. The Cleveland Cavaliers are a really good basketball team that has a not nothing chance to win the title. The only team in the East with a higher potential upside when all of its players are healthy is the Boston Celtics. Sorry Philly, Sorry Giannis. This opinion will of course change if they decide to blow this team up at deadline for some unbeknownst reason. They should absolutely not do that, and I fully support total amnesty for any groups of Cavs fans who destroy public property if Donovan Mitchell is traded. IF this team has an itching trigger figure and needs to trade anyone, try to amplify the group ALREADY having success by trading Garland and/or Mobley. Simmons would throw up at the thought of trading Mobley, but the Cavs should absolutely entertain offers for him. Dude MIGHT be special. MIGHT be. Chet already is. You know what high potential oft-injured players get you as a team and general manager? Sitting at home in May, and fired. Should they trade Mobley or Garland before the deadline? I would say no, but I'm at least picking up the phone and listening. The 1 guy on the Cavs that I would hang up on you if you called me about? Jarrett Allen. You can fuck right off if you call me about Jarrett Allen.


Got this one pretty wrong now didn't? The Pelicans tonight actually looked like they were all poisoned from eating some real bad Pelican at the team pre-game meal. This is how you play when Zion is out? I have some news for you Pelicans. Once in awhile, especially in the playoffs, you just have to win a game when you don't have one of your main dudes. That's what scares me about this team. Great Roster. Sexy good time guys all over place with one of the leagues Mt. Rushmore fun watch guys in Zion. But do they care? Do they actually care? Fuck experience. Experience is important, but it pails in comparison to ENGAGEMENT. I say this ad nauseum. In my businesses and on my teams, 2 things will ensure my success above any other. Leadership and Engagement. Call it what you want, but to succeed in ultra competitive business and athletic environments in 2024, you have to have guys that are totally bought in and give all the shits. Who is that for this team? McCollum? CJ is a very nice player, but he's hurt all the time too and quite frankly hasn't achieved the top level success that it takes to command a locker room. The Pelicans are a garage full of sexy race cars, but almost always at least one of their prized beauties is busted up and not in service. Zion wasn't even hurt tonight, the Pelicans just felt they could rest him after their trouncing of Utah. You know who was out there ballin his ass off totally engaged and bought in even after his team beat Portland by a million points the previous game? Chet. That asshole gives a shit New Orleans. He might care more about basketball than your entire embarrassing organization. This is why, mark my words, New Orleans will never finish with a better record or beat OKC in the playoffs in the next decade. Chet wants it more than you do. ANT wants it more than you do. Even fat Luca wants it more than you do. I can't want it for you New Orleans, you gotta want it. Despite your record, it doesn't appear to this observer that you do.


The Spurs get mentioned frequently as one of the worst five teams in the league. They aren't great, but it's not possible to qualify how much better they are in the vacuum than a team like the Hornets. Pop is a bettor's nightmare, constantly doing goofy shit to the lineup and rotations. He makes me toddler level mad with the "I'm the smartest guy in the room" shit he pulls because of the supreme Court status he has with that organization. James Harden has quit on 27 teams since the Spurs were last good. Dame Lillard bent his knees on multiple defensive possessions PER GAME when the Spurs were last good. We give these Belichick/Poppovich legend types WAY too much equity on the back end when they are past their coaching primes. The debate over whether who is more important, the franchise player/quarterback or the coach is over. It's rigamortis dead. Belichick and Pop haven't as much as made a successful BM without Brady/Duncan. They haven't just been not as successful, but their teams have been anywhere from awful to just flat out embarrassing. Last King of Scotland level delusions and nepotism coming from Belichick too, not seeing issue with hiring blatantly underqualified coaches like his kids and Matt Patricia. I'm not sure what Belichick is actually worse at, drafting players or hiring assistant coaches. He was so bad as a GM, THE ATLANTA FALCONS just said Thanks but No Thanks to Ol' Fuckface (my personal nickname for Billy Boy).

Since I can see the future, I'll tell you what's going to happen though. Wemby is the real deal. So much so, that Pop is not done winning titles yet. When he wins a couple more, the boot licking basketball media will strike up the band and start planning all of the GOAT coaches parades for him again. Nothing exists in a vacuum, but would you like to know Greg Popovich's record in a season where the names Duncan or Leonard or DeRozan weren't on the back of a Spurs jersey? Sure you would.


Coaches matter A LOT. It's almost impossible to overcome buffoons like Nick Sirianni or Mike McCarthy when they lean in to putting their stamp on a game.

Don't get it twisted though -- Tom Brady and Tim Duncan were the chickens that came first which ended up shitting out the eggs that became Belichick and Pop.


We Shelter no Lies

We Act without Fear

We Seek only TRUTH

We Bet to WIN.

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