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Free Daily NBA Gambling Picks for all 9 Games on Sunday, February 4th

Orlando vs. Detroit

Detroit getting those points against an up and down Magic team at Home right now is a no-brainer for me. Orlando is getting healthier and on the right night looks like they might be able to make some noise in the East if they were to catch a break in the seeding, but they haven't earned night in, night out betting equity yet. Detroit has some guys that can do some things. For deeper analysis than that, you'll have to go somewhere else

I think this game is close and we just creep past the Over at the finish. Might be a sneaky good watch if both teams try/play their guys. Is there a 1st Team All-NBA season for any player in this game? I couldn't say for certain. Duren probably has the best shot if we take the long view, but trying to outlast/dodge Embiid/Jokic/Giannis might take a minute or two. Good luck at forward Paolo.

Final: Pistons 116, Magic 112


Phoenix vs. Washington

Beal going home; no FREE KYLE KUZMA for the Pissards; Suns coming off an embarrassing loss to the corpse of Trae Young. I'm holding my nose but this feels like a possible home lay down down/get fed and full game for Phoenix. Avdija would be a nice fit for plenty of teams should the Tardo Zardo's decide to tear this dynasty down to it's rotten underpinnings.

Final: Suns 127, Wizards 111


Memphis vs. Boston

I already regret this pick. Please fade it. Memphis is the only organization I can think of that no matter how many of their 37 starters get hurt, somehow they just endlessly manifest guys from the G-League, The League of Nations, The Bush League, The Justice League, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, The English Premier League, your Tuesday night Bowling League -- The league itself matters not. Today is not most games however. Boston feels like they need to get drunk and smack somebody around at home. Sorry Lady Memphis, it's not your fault.

Final: Celtics 126, Grizzlies 103


Clippers vs. Heat

Welcome to yet another edition of Watch Ryan Lose His Flat Ass betting against the Clippers on the road. I'm hoping Jamesies might have made a couple friends at church and not gotten his normal 8 hours of sleep. The Heat need to get a couple back somewhere after that Tyrone Willingham 7-gamer we all just suffered through.

Final: Heat 113, Clippers 111


Pacers vs. Hornets

Just a feeling. God only knows who is hurt and who will play in this game for Indiana. Feels like a spot they may try and rest or hide people. I got nothin other than I think Charlotte wins this game more than twice if they play 9 times.

Final: Hornets 125, Pacers 112


Rockets vs. Timberwolves

The Wolves better find the source of the stink in their car pretty soon before no one will ride with them anymore. As you know, I am the President of the Please Netflix, don't make a heist doc on Kittie Kat's SuperMax Political Action Committee. Our case was not buoyed by Kathy scoring 62 in a home loss to the Buffalo Sabres. ANT is due for a home outburst which should be good enough against a Rockets team that has a strict lights-out-by-930pm policy for it's U-17 travel squad.

Final: Timberwolves 121, Rockets, 107


Raptors vs Thunder

The Raptors are going to flick whichever one of my testicles I don't protect the rest of the season no matter what I do. It's my punishment for trying to kidnap Scottie Barnes back in December on behalf of the Cavaliers and clandestinely usher back over the border Mr. Mobley, Mr. Garland, and 2 assholes to be named later. (A N.A.L.). We were stopped at the border and forced to drink ANY amount of ANY beer that spends it's advertising dollars telling you it's Canadian. I wouldn't wish that experience on anyone other than Todd Monken. He deserves his own Molson and Kokanee taps right in his living room.

Final: Thunder 142, Raptors 117


Bucks vs. Jazz

Milwaukee needed to expend a ton of energy against a sans-Kyrie Dallas squad to secure a game they were down 24 in at the end of the 1st. That's fucking gross Dallas. To lose a game by 12 in which you ended the 1st up 24? Wow, Luca. I guess that's what the NBA is now. I'll l just let the other team go on a run for 3 full quarters as long as I get my 40. With Giannis posting 48 last night and Phoenix and Minnesota ahead, the Bucks might very well half-ass this game and hope nobody notices.

Final: Jazz 133, Bucks 115


Blazers vs. Nuggets

They just did this. The NBA schedule is such a 3rd-world sorry excuse for democracy.

Final: Nuggets 116, Blazers 97

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