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Free Million Dollar Idea of the Day

Taco Bell advertising campaign featuring Patrick Mahomes.

(Maryn, a mixed-race 25-ish female shown thinking but thoughts are audible to viewer)

"I really want to eat something great, but it's late. Who knows being great when it's late better than Patrick Mahomes? I'll just ask him."

Mahomes: (Shown driving his personal Escalade at Taco Bell Drive Thru)

"Hey Maryn, you gotta try Taco Bell's new Eat Great Late® menu with clutch picks like _____ and _____. You should get at least 3 sides so they aren't lonely."

(Camera pans to backseat of Mahomes' car showing three Super Bowl MVP trophies, three Lombardi trophies and clearly focuses on his three rings on his hand. The trophies in the back seat have been adorned with random Chief paraphernalia like pennants and tiny helmets and have clearly been placed there with care and precision, all of them bound together and fastened with seat belts.)


"Like Patrick Mahomes, Taco Bell is Great, Late."

(silly silly AI of Chiefs at DriveThru)

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